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You know,if I pulled a turd out of my ass and taped it with my $10 Kodak this would be the result.
(I know you're trolling, you just didn't do a good job of it.)
I honestly don't care if these are my final words to give any feedback on this.
Your attempt at trolling Marble Hornet fans bombed, your parody/troll video is so far out from being like Marble Hornets people thought it was something totally different. Take zero stars and be happy with thinking you actually trolled tons of people. Countinue to be an asshole with responses and look forward to people giving you more zero stars.

nuFF3 responds:

Its not really a troll video, but if that's what your analysis tells you then sure.
also, dafuq is Marble Hornet?

PS: Whats up with the newgrounds peers oddities? Its like you all think you are so high and mighty compared to other video sites. Whats up with that?

Wait this was supposed to be funny?

I honestly only thought the only joke that was funny was the last one. Also be mad or whatever with the response for me giving you a bad review.

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Like it a lot. Effects make it a little hard, but not impossible. Love to see the effects the beer has on the family.

esayitch responds:


It's ok I guess it's fun & all, but gets a little boring after a while. I run into a couple times where there was like 5 bombs & a stickman in the middle.
Need to fix that, not sure if it's a glitch or what but it's a pretty easy game-ender.
Not a bad game just it's missing something, not sure what but you could possibly add upgrades.
Good game overall, nice job.

Holy crap, haven't played this one in a while. Surprised to see it on Newgrounds. This game is amazing.

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This song is really good, great job!

This is awesome, keep up the good work! I like the beat.

TastyTeo responds:


Great song!

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Would love to see this! Make it a thing.

I mean i like some scary art but,....

I'm just lost for words right now.

RocketHorse responds:


One the best fan-arts I've ever seen really great job. Hard to believe this was made by hand.


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